Travelling Scotland sharing
stories of reflection and hope.

Helping Poppyscotland provide life-changing
support for those who have served,
those still serving and their families.

A vehicle for exploration and learning.

Meet Bud. Our truck that is travelling Scotland sharing our archive, veterans’ stories and the poppy’s heritage. Bud is helping us to challenge assumptions and create conversations.

Share your story.

At the heart of every poppy is a person’s unique emotions, opinions and stories and we’d love to hear yours; that’s why we created Bud.

Bud is the beginning of your remembrance journey. A place where you can learn, shape and share your own story of reflection and hope. Helping us keep remembrance relevant all year round.

A charity centred around people.

Our poppy was created 100 years ago, to provide life-changing support to the Armed Forces community which it still does today. It is also a symbol of remembrance, helping us to learn from the past to positively impact our future.