We’ve pulled together some key information for you to make the most out of your Bud visit.

Our Bud Learning & Outreach Officer will lead all sessions on board Bud and we may also have volunteers present.

Prior to a Bud visit, the person who is arranging the visit will receive a link to our education resources that can be completed before a Bud visit with follow up activities to complete afterwards.

Every teacher that comes on board will receive a Bud learning pack.

Did you know?

A visit from Bud is free but the value of a visit from Bud is worth £3000.

Before your bud visit, please work with our Bud Coordinator to ensure you:

Complete the timetable of sessions.

Select an appropriate parking location for Bud.

Return this information no later than ten working days prior to your visit.

Please let us know if there are any changes on, or ahead of, the day of the visit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dimensions on the road

10.5m (L) x 2.55m (W) x 4m (H)





Dimensions in Exhibition mode

13.5m (L) x 8.5m (W) x 4m (H)




Download Bud Information

Bud Set up

Please ensure there is someone to meet the Bud Team on arrival and liaise with them throughout the day of the visit.

It would be appreciated if you could take the time to show the Bud Team where they can find the toilets, staff room, lunch options etc. as there are no facilities on board the truck.

During Visits

Each session lasts approx. 45 minutes depending on the needs of the class.
A member of school staff must be on board Bud at all times.

Please ensure each class arrives a few minutes prior to each session, each session is tailored to the needs of the class and delays can cut sessions short.

Space is limited on board – where possible please leave belongings such as
backpacks and jackets in the classroom.

Promote your Bud Visit

We want to visit as many schools, community groups and events across Scotland and if you have received a Bud visit we would love you to shout about it! We would encourage you to liaise with local press and use your own social media channels to promote and share news of Bud’s visit to help us keep remembrance alive all year round.

Follow Bud’s journey

Keep up to date with our social channels to follow Bud’s journey. To be featured on our channels please use the following hashtags.




Why not download these steps
as a handy guide to our visit?